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Evidence Based Addiction Program

Why Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment may be your best option

You’ve just made one of the most difficult, but potentially redeeming, decisions of your life. Now, how do you choose a treatment plan with the best chance of success?

Whether for yourself or a loved one, seeking treatment for substance abuse is a big step in the right direction. It takes a great deal of courage to recognize that a person needs help; it takes knowledge and a scientifically sound approach to ultimately succeed and ensure that first step leads down the path to long-term recovery.

That is why The Athens Addiction Recovery Center utilizes Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment for Substance Abuse. Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment focuses on methods that have been scientifically researched, studied and published in peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals. This approach ensures we are serving clients and their families with the most sound and standardized treatments available.

Standardized treatments are repeatable, with established protocols, detailed instructions and clear goals. While each of us is a unique individual—and any treatment needs to be catered to the specific client—Evidence-Based Addiction Treatments draw on the results of multiple studies indicating that you should be able to expect consistently effective results.

Long-term recovery is the preferred client outcome that Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment seeks to achieve. While no program can guarantee everyone who walks through our door will remain sober after treatment, our medically supported, proven practices based on up-to-date research findings increase your chances for long-term success.

Of course, the journey to sobriety requires a shared commitment to wellness and recovery—a partnership involving the family, the recovering client and our staff.

At Athens Addiction Recovery Center, we understand that everyone has past struggles and challenges. That’s why we stand beside our clients as they move forward, to recover a positive and productive life. We are committed to each person’s individualized treatment plan, as well as the long-term path beyond primary treatment.

At Athens Addiction Recovery Center, “lifetime commitment” isn’t just a catch phrase. We believe there are three key components to successful recovery from alcohol and substance abuse:

• A successful primary treatment phase

• Guidance and education for the family every step of the way

• Continuing care compliance and active participation

Think of it as a three-legged stool: Each leg is required to enhance stability. That’s why we provide a professional Case Manager to ensure the process going forward is as simple as possible— that all questions are answered, and the family is constantly updated along the way. We take family care so seriously, we include a Lifetime Family Group Package at no extra charge with successfully completed primary treatment with continuing participation.

Compliance with continuing care is just as critical. To remove excuses and barriers, we offer a Lifetime Continuing Care Package that’s also free of charge to those who have successfully completed primary treatment with continuing participation.

With this kind of long-term support by caring and highly trained professionals Evidence-Based Substance Abuse Treatment makes Athens Addiction Recovery Center, in Athens, Georgia an excellent place to take that first step and begin your journey to long-term recovery.

Take that first step and call one of our care representatives at 
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