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Family TherapyAddiction affects everyone in a person’s life. Unfortunately, this often means families suffer. At Athens Addiction Recovery Center, we know the importance of family therapy in addiction recovery. Our trauma-informed therapists use behavioral therapy to help families change behaviors, understand addiction and mental health, and improve communication.

If you or someone in your family needs addiction therapy in Georgia, call Athens Addiction Recovery Center today. Our Athens, GA clinic helps students, families, and professionals recover from drug and alcohol addiction with flexible, holistic outpatient programs. Call us now at 844.959.4998 to learn more about the benefits of our family counseling programs.

What Is Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery?

Family therapy helps families reconnect. Similar to individual therapy, family counseling brings couples, parents and children, and other family groups together for talk therapy. A licensed family counselor works with loved ones to uncover relationship dynamics, practice active listening, and improve overall communication.

Benefits of Family Counseling for Addiction Recovery

Addiction and co-occurring disorders can strain relationships. Family members may not know how to help those living with addiction, depression, anxiety, or other co-occurring disorders. Loved ones may also struggle to feel seen or heard. A therapist can make every member of the family feel their personal needs are being met and help unhealthy patterns and relationships change. Benefits of family therapy include:

  • Better boundaries
  • Improved communication
  • Tools for managing stress and conflict
  • Tools for managing addiction triggers
  • Improved emotional intelligence
  • Tools for mental health
  • Increased empathy
  • Healthier relationships
  • Improved support systems

During family counseling sessions, clients in our IOP and PHP programs voice their needs, behaviors, and desires with their therapist. The therapist can help them safely practice new communication tools and see each other’s perspectives. Therapists use both DBT and CBT to help families understand and manage emotions while changing unhealthy behavior. Family therapy for addiction recovery helps everyone succeed and feel seen.

Benefits of Family Therapy for Co-Occurring Disorders

Today, half of those living with addiction also have co-occurring disorders like depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Unfortunately, many people’s co-occurring disorders are undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. This can worsen addiction triggers and strain relationships at home. Family therapy can help diagnose, treat, and educate the whole family in mental health and mood disorders. To understand the relationship between addiction and mental health, education is the key to understanding and providing loved ones with the support they need. When a family uncovers mental health and mood disorders, their perspectives, relationships, and understanding of each other change. Family therapy can give families tools to improve mental health, manage mood disorders, and gain a deeper understanding of each other’s life experiences.

Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery in Athens, Georgia

Family support can make a world of difference in addiction recovery. Unfortunately, more often than not, addiction can pull families apart. That’s why at Athens Addiction Recovery Center, we specialize in family treatment programs. Our flexible outpatient programs provide families with addiction recovery and mental health support that fit their busy schedules. Many of our clients are students, working professionals, and families in need of knowledge, support, and tools to manage mental health, relationships, and addiction triggers. We serve the diverse community of Athens, Georgia with therapy programs including:

  • Support groups
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Meditation therapy
  • Trauma-informed therapy
  • Dual diagnosis

We know our flexible programs can meet your needs. Find the right addiction recovery and therapy program for you and your loved ones at Athens Addiction Recovery Center today.

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Don’t wait. Start addiction therapy in Athens, Georgia today. Call us at 844.959.4998 to speak with an intake specialist and get started in our family therapy programs today.