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About Athens Recovery


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At Athens Recovery, we believe that together, we can overcome addiction. Reach out to our team at 844.959.4998 for a no-obligation screening and to learn more about our treatment programs.

Who We Serve

Athens Recovery provides high-quality addiction treatment programs for those struggling with:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Opioid addiction
  • Benzo addiction
  • Stimulant addiction
  • Prescription drug addiction

In addition, many of our clients face both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health conditions. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses both conditions at the same time, which can lead to lasting positive outcomes.

Our Mission

The Athens Recovery mission is to provide the highest level of personalized care and treatment to every client. Our dedicated staff members incorporate compassion and respect into everything they do while working with clients to promote lasting, sustainable sobriety. We provide a therapeutic community, where a safe and serene environment creates an atmosphere conducive to recovery and change.

The Three Pillars

In our Athens, GA outpatient addiction treatment center, we provide our clients with the tools they need to recover from the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the ravages of addiction. Lasting recovery is possible through effective, personalized treatment plans. To help our clients heal, we ascribe to an evidence-based foundation to treatment. There are three aspects of treatment participation required to optimize the chances of long-term recovery, which we call the Three Pillars. These include:
  • Primary treatment – Clients should go through a professionally recommended and personalized treatment program, which can involve detox, residential treatment, and outpatient care.
  • Family education and guidance – Family participation and being open to guidance is a critical part of positive outcomes.
  • Continuing care – Ongoing support reinforces, improves, and helps sustain behavioral changes made in primary treatment.

The Athens Recovery Center

Our center is conveniently located in the Athens Academy area. Close to the 10-loop bypass, our treatment center is easily accessible to residents of Clarke and Oconee counties as well as the surrounding areas.

When a client’s treatment plan calls for complex inpatient detox or residential dual-diagnosis treatment services, we can collaborate with Serenity Grove, our affiliated residential detox and treatment center. A full continuum of care can be invaluable on the road to recovery, and partnering with Serenity Grove allows us to provide uninterrupted treatment. We are always happy to provide other facility options as well. Serenity Grove is proud to be accredited by The Joint Commission.

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Our high staff-to-client ratio enables us to provide personalized treatment programs. Every one of our clients has walked down a unique path and has different needs in recovery. By tailoring our treatment programs to their needs, we’re able to help clients build a foundation for lasting sobriety. Programs we offer include:
  • Drug and alcohol detox
  • Intensive outpatient program
  • Partial hospitalization program
In our programs, clients have the opportunity to participate in both holistic and evidence-based therapies. Activities like nutritional counseling, yoga, meditation and mindfulness exercises, and daily recreational and exercise opportunities can help those in recovery develop healthy coping skills, while group and individual therapy sessions are the building blocks of sustainable sobriety. These activities are all structured in a way that contributes to each client’s goals, not the least of which is learning how to live a full and rewarding life without drugs and alcohol.