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Group Therapy


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Group TherapyAt Athens Recovery, we believe group therapy is integral to addiction recovery. Our group therapy programs help those in our care unpack their addiction triggers, understand behaviors, heal past trauma, and support one another.

If you or someone in your life needs outpatient addiction therapy in Athens, GA, Athens Addiction Recovery Center can help. Our clinic helps students, families, and professionals recover with comprehensive addiction recovery programs. Call us today at 844.959.4998 to learn more about the benefits of our Georgia-based group therapy programs.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy brings people working through addiction recovery together. Group therapy helps those in recovery recognize addiction as a disease affected by a person’s whole life. Trained addiction recovery therapists help people shift perspective, engage in active listening, and improve communication.

During sessions, clients in our IOP and PHP programs come together to discuss their addiction stories, challenges, and successes. Clients gather every week to work and grow together through each phase of recovery. Our therapists are trained in trauma-informed approaches, behavioral therapy, and meditative therapies to provide clients with a range of exercises and experiences to help manage addiction triggers and practice stress management.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy has become standard in addiction recovery treatment because it works. By bringing people together, group therapy and addiction recovery support groups can:

  • Give people a new perspective
  • Provide new support systems
  • Provide accountability partners
  • Give those in treatment structure
  • Help clients form a community
  • Help participants practice mindfulness
  • Inspire lasting sobriety

During group therapy sessions, clients from all walks of life see their addiction from a new perspective. People connect over shared experiences. Many realize they are not alone in addition. By forming a community, clients are more likely to stay sober, gain confidence, and improve their relationships outside of therapy.

Therapeutic Support at Athens Addiction Recovery Center

At Athens Recovery, we believe that dual diagnosis is essential to addiction recovery. Today, 50% of people living with addiction also live with co-occurring mental health disorders. Our therapists at Athens Addiction Recovery Center diagnose, treat, and help our clients understand the relationship between mental health and addiction. Our support groups help clients balance stress and manage mental health disorders that might affect addiction and recovery.

Our other therapy programs include:

  • Behavioral therapies – DBT and CBT are the leading behavioral therapies to help people change emotions, beliefs, and behaviors.
  • Meditative therapy – Studies show mindfulness can reduce stress and the risk of reuse. Our meditative therapy provides mindful tools for daily life.
  • Experiential therapy – Time outdoors can reduce stress and increase chemicals in the brain that promote calm and happiness. Join us outdoors for a combination of therapy and fun.
  • Family Therapy – Our therapists combine behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, and other techniques to help families affected by addiction and mental health disorders reconnection.

Addiction can’t be cured with a single type of therapy. A consistent support system can help. Come join the families, students, and professionals at Athens Addiction Recovery to get the support you need.

Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery in Athens, Georgia

All types of addiction therapy are crucial to recovery.

Unfortunately, many people living with addiction lack sober support systems at home, school, or work. This is where Athens Addiction Recovery can help.
We know multiple forms of addiction counseling and community support yield the best results. Based near the University of Georgia, our flexible outpatient programs help a diverse community across Athens.

Learn More About Athens Recovery's Addiction Support Groups Today

If you’re ready to learn more about the benefits of group therapy at Athens Addiction Recovery Center, call us now at 844.959.4998 to speak with an intake specialist.